Exemplar Profiling

Exemplar Profiling: The future of work place evidence.

A flexible, easy and reliable tool to gather work place evidence.

Support and monitor your employee or student through their induction, training or practical course.

Exemplar Profiling is a great tool for:

  • Training organisations; and
  • Employer training and workplace monitoring.

We can implement a workplace evidence system that is specific to your needs!


Exemplar Profiling

See our helpful videos and user manuals for support

  1. Support videos
  2. Student user manual
  3. Employer/supervisor user manual
  4. RTO user manual

To keep up to date with our next set of enhancements, view our Trello board.

To integrate Exemplar Profiling with your own systems our Lighthouse and Exemplar Profiling APIs can be utilised.

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